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     Jocson College in that of a bold transitive proved successful.

     The school is one of the numerous educational and commercial
establishmets owned by Ms. Felisa Jocson, Founded on February 21,
Jocson College's original location was on the ground floor of rented
semiconcrete merchandise.

     Jocson started out with an initial population of twenty students
namely, Cosmetology and Dressmaking. However, enrollment gradually
increased, and with the support of the surrounding community, the
school was prompted to locate a new site.

     A lot on Rizal street was purchased, and a three-storey building
was constructed. By leaps and bounds, the school attained good name
and offered several more vocational Science, thus earning the status of
a junior college.

     In 1968, the school purchased an additional lot, this time on First
Street in Upper Balibago, another three storey building was constructed
mostly vocational courses until June 3, 1982, when it aimed for a new
direction. To better serve the people of Angeles City and the immediate
vicinity, it decided to embark on academic education.

     Jocson first offered complete Pre-Elementary education. Since
courses. To pave way for further educaional expansion, it offered
College courses in 1995.

     Through the years, the school has undergone much expansion and
renovation. It has added one floor the existing building and by 1992,
built new classrooms to accommodate the fast-rising population.

     Up to now, the school enjoys a favorable average ratio of one
teacher for every thirty students not with standing the increase in the
number of students to fully control the class and determine the kind of
education the children will receive.

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